Day: April 14, 2014

  • are you ready, boots?

    Always something, right? Changed passwords like crazy and logged off and back on sites and apps doing it, which is a real time hog, and still not done yet. I must have a hundred different accounts all over the place. If you haven't yet heard of the Heartbleed virus and are smack dab in the middle of building an evil empire like me, click this pic. It's not the best article I've seen, but it'll get you started. Don't whine to me that you need a better article with a more thorough list. Plug your own brain into the search bar while I get more coffee. Let's see *you* warn the world of imminent threat at 6 a.m. with no coffee. Riiiiiggght.


    April is historically my worst month for an ambulance ride to the ER over allergies. So far so good this month, chunking chewable Waldryls like candy, entrenched in my house with no fresh air, pumping anything cloth through the wash cycle like a maniac. I enjoy spring vicariously through others, like these bunny butt cookies. I don't eat cookies much any more because they wreck my blood sugar, but it's still fun to see new things. Click for the recipe.


    Quick check of my xanga blogs to see how they're doing before I dive into the deep end of the publishing pool the rest of the month, pleased to see them picking up again on their own from search engine activity.

    Lexx blog


    Bluejacky blog


    In my dream last night, constructing this book morphed into constructing the ultimate sandwich, like you see in the contests on the Food Channel, and I had to choose music to go with it, like pairing food with an ale or wine or mixed beverage. Of course, now I can see that's what I do every day when I write with my headphones on, but in my dream I had the brilliant idea to make a crusty french bread sub with egg salad and bacon dipped in this awesome sorta sweet mustard, and I toasted the bread just right with a brush of butter, little bit of zip from some kind of preserved tomato, and I couldn't decide whether to pair my sandwich with a modern twist on a baroque classic or go with a basic Tchaikovsky classic, and in the end I chose the baroque twist and won the contest. THAT is what writing is to me. I know I am constructing a meal for other brains, and I think that's why it's taking so long. I could just throw it all out there like I do my blogs, but if my hard copy is going to sit around a waiting room in another country somewhere (my hospital has a book cart), I want it to be the one that doesn't get put back down, like, you all enjoy my burrito, as it were, click this for a nod to Jonah Ray.


    Since I'm making up for 3 slacker days of daily planning fail, I may as well mention this. If you desperately need to dig up more on our twitter affair, these click to original sources to get you started on your Tony stalking.


    And now it's time to GET TO WORK >=l Turning twitter off through the week and maybe the rest of the month. Might pop on to say howdy this weekend.

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