Day: April 15, 2014

  • ironical purging after a blood moon

    Finally worked up the nerve to open a PM I received in February. I'm not keen on private and especially personal socializing on the internet because I have so much experience with it going freakily out of control in the past. This one was a straight up marriage proposal. And so it begins. At least it wasn't a death threat.


    Locked 5400+ words into final revision yesterday, started file merging, table of contents will be set up today, and I've been doing more word construction since 5ish this morning. My guesstimate to my submissions rep was 80,000 words, but I'm thinking it might actually be closer to 100,000 before I'm done. I'm working very hard on sifting the content down, but part of my soul whispers "Go for the 300,000 limit!", like it's a funny game or something. No one sees the million words I have in private blogs.


    I moved a dentist appointment for today because I thought I might be getting slammed by now with a nasty bug Scott had this last weekend, but so far not much is happening. Got a little rubbery yesterday, might have pretended to flush for about 30 minutes. Oh, well. Maybe all that yogurt and the prebiotics in the protein powder that I spike my hot chocolate with is making things easier. Or, I could get slammed in the next day or two and hatch aliens out of my stomach. Anyway, today is now a work day, so BACK TO WORK. There is nothing more invigorating for deep, dark dreads than purging one's soul of the demons the world missed seeing. I'm surprised my dad hasn't called yet about this latest blood moon.

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