Day: May 30, 2014

  • early morning brain splat

    Already off on wild tangents at 5:30 a.m., looking up why microwaves will soon be obsolete and fiddling around with putting Lexx names and phrases into googlism. Kind of kicking myself for opening the grape flavored chewable waldryls by mistake. ick

    Had my phone apart umpteen times yesterday, finally just tossed it aside. I love tech, but the simplest things are made atrociously unsimple when the gap between intuitive movements and geeky glee widens to a chasm. It's like my 'smart' washer- supposed to save time, energy, and ultimately water, but hogs more than triple of all three because it is continually measuring and readjusting to more exacting standards. I've got my machine loading down to a science (that is such a sad little pun here), and still I wrestle daily with the baby of a brainiac who has probably never seriously washed his own clothing year to year in his life. (And don't tell me to read the manual, I have it memorized.) I remember someone told me their car suddenly shut off on a highway, leaving them coasting in traffic with very little control because the smart chip had 'sensed' something. Smart tech drives me crazy because it isn't intuitive at all. It doesn't take into consideration that it can still WORK enough to complete a task, creating its own dire situation like we need to sound sirens and spin lights because something isn't quite 'right'. Click this little cartoon for an article.


    Yesterday was one of those everything going wrong days, and as Scott passed by me for the fifteenth time last night looking for his glasses he glibly overstated, "It seems like we have two different problems going on here...", because neither one of us was helping or even glancing up at the other, which cracked me up. He has a way of cannily pointing out without accusing or harassing that I dearly love. The man doesn't have one sarcastic bone in his body, which is wonderful, because while sarcasm can be funny, it's also kinda stabby, and I used to be one of the nastiest sarcasm villains on the planet.


    Ug, I need to get my brain moving in one direction.

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