Day: May 24, 2014

  • the tough get rough

    I'm not going to make a habit of this, but here is my most recent discussion with my submissions rep about getting the cover done.

    Hello xxxx =)

    I had discussed with you on the phone last Thursday that I need to get permission for the image I want to use for my book cover. It is this one.

    That is a colorized version of the Rosette Nebula, seen at I've been using the blue coloration version on one of my older blogs that my book is partly taken from. I think I might have originally found it at (please don't click this link, you get an immediate download) but the image itself is this small version (safe to click) because that is the exact size I have always been using after I transferred it to my own image host, and I think this must be where I originally found it to use on my blog.

    The first version of my blog header was this.

    The updated version became this last year before a server migration obliterated my header options.

    And this is kind of how I'd like the title for the book to look.

    Do I contact Peter Lopez about getting permission, or does xxxx do it? And if I need to do the contacting, I very much need guidance how to go about that.

    In case it comes up, the blog in question is at I no longer use that graphic in the header since the server migration wiped out the old format, but I would very much like to give the original owner credit for my favorite version of the Rosette Nebula, which I found inspiring for my thinking and writing. If I need to purchase permission, please let me know.

    Janika Banks

    Back to real life. My week has been a little crummy but I'm elated that I finally managed to get my Torch browser to capture this video, one of my top faves from way way back when I was surviving all my stuff without yet having any medications and everything in my life was going very stupidly. It's the little wins, you know? Sometimes they make all the difference while you're trying to get something really hard done.

  • WWJSD?

    Anyone and everyone who PMs, DMs, emails, gmails, or otherwise attempts to call or text me asking for money for any reason on this earth immediately gets blocked in every way, shape, and form. Just saying. We all need money, no I'm not helping anyone who can't scrape themselves out of their own gutter like I had to do. I'm kinda mean that way. If I had a death star and a voodoo doll today I couldn't have blocked that person any faster.

    I am currently under watch for CMV reactivation. The last time I had a CMV flare my liver and spleen swelled for weeks, the thrush throughout my entire digestive system felt like I'd been scraped through with a wire bristle brush, and the fluid in my lungs got so bad for three days that I thought I was going to drown in it. I never coughed so hard and so long in my life, and naturally that set off the most severe fibromyalgia of the rib cage imaginable, so I felt like I was tied up in a corset for a couple of weeks afterward and could barely do more than shallow breathing (and all that coughing on top of the migraines I was having back then, fun and games, kids). The severe fatigue from that 6 weeks long complicated flare took months to wear off, and that infection is what triggered the beginning of my autoimmune reaction disorder, suddenly coming up allergic to all my favorite foods right and left.

    Since CMV is one of a thousand mono viruses, there is nothing anyone can do, and people with autoimmune challenges are automatically at much higher risk for organ failures and death during a CMV flare. It can take up to 2 weeks for blood tests to show up positive, and by then I'll be on my way to pretty miserable, if that's what this is. Hoping and praying it's just a respiratory infection on top of severe chronic fatigue from my vacation on top of sliding into the dark zone on my diet with my diabetes, which might have puffed my poor tummy up like a balloon (or this could be an autoimmune flare up, but we have to rule everything else out first because steroids make real infections monumentally worse). If you've never seen anyone with a swollen liver and spleen, good, your life is blessed. If you have a clue what I'm talking about, just know I know you know I know.

    I'm already making a Plan. Even if this turns out to be a false alarm, the chronic fatigue is real enough to be a big problem, and I know from long experience to slow down and just let my body figure itself out, instead of fighting to stay more active than I'm capable of. I shopped for menus with extra protein and raw vegetables and salads, got my town chores and errands lined up and done, got my PT appointments set up, got my blood work going, and now I'm all set to focus my bwains on workworkwork to keep me distracted.

    When I get this sick, I get mean. Between feeling so gross and possibly meds yanking me around, I have accidentally been Darth Vader to some of my favoritist people. I'm very strong in the Force, and when the dark side hits, I can force choke right through your monitor from a thousand miles away. When they say don't go down without a fight, you people better stand back about a couple of light years, because gamma rays shoot out of my eyeballs and I fry everyone I look at.

    Iz my survival skillz.

    I'm sure I'm overstating and everyone will be afraid of me on twitter now, haha. But if I feel that bad I won't tweet.

    And when I do tweet I won't feel like talking lengthily about being sick.

    I'll probably skip a lot of live tweets till I feel better, and some people will think I'm a drag. That doesn't bother me. I'm on social media to entertain *myself*. Every bit of what I do all started on long dark nights when no one else was around to talk to, and I would still be doing it if I were the last person left alive in the zombie apocalypse. This is what I do. That people actually read my stuff is a pleasant byproduct.

    This is me believing I can still take over the world anyway.

    If all else fails I'll ask myself, "What would Jason Sadler do?" I'm betting he's got a lot more info in his crazy noggin that we're not aware of yet.


    I need to get off here and get back onto the rest of today's plan, which might include a grill and homemade ice cream and a burrito coming over.

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