Day: May 3, 2014

  • good morning, Dallas

    Some people put things in safes or into storage when they go on vacation. I put my entire original Salter Street DVD Lexx collection, along with the out of print CDs and my coolest Lexx t-shirt in the world into a safe deposit box at my bank. They say grab only what's most important if your house is on fire or flooding. Well, this is it. Clicking the pic goes to my pinterest.


    I have never traveled well. I was that kid who was continually carsick, and although I'm not quite as bad as a grown up, I'm still cringe-worthy to hang out with on long trips. I am everything you ever heard about in aspies going through sensory overloads, and no matter how much I really do love rambling across the countryside and seeing new things, I crave the quiet solitude of a hotel room like a drug. Not crazy about the wifi though. My laptop got onto the network just fine without a password last night, and this morning I'm seeing a new homegroup icon in my screen shortcuts, so I'm wondering how easily a person could sneak into the hotel logs. Or into my own hard drive... At any rate, it's time to get ready to wander around Dallas looking for an IHOP, so see ya.

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