Day: May 22, 2014

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    Managed to sleep 2/3 of the last 18 hours away, only killed Scott once. All kinds of nerve reaction got triggered. Does anyone else come away from a simple cleaning feeling like every tooth needs a root canal? No? Never mind, then. Before I figured out I have TN, mine most likely stemming from nearly ripping my head off in a car accident when I was 19, in my 20's I actually did go to a dentist and beg him to do root canals. Thank goodness he refused. Click this pic for more Spock memes.


    I'm sure all my friends are glad I disappeared from twitter before I burned the entire thing down. You're welcome.


    Two more big days to go. This afternoon I have physical therapy assessment. I'm going to get everything ready for taco salad before I go because I won't feel like it when I get back, which will be right around when Scott gets home from work. I have two big appointments tomorrow, so I had planned all kinds of errands around them, but since this appt popped up, maybe I can do some of the running today so tomorrow won't be so long. Run-on sentences, time I left this post... omg, I just discovered another big Xanga migration code integration update just wiped out all the Spock videos from one of my old surveys. All the gaps were videos, and that survey was loaded because I was having such a bad year. Time to walk away from the laptop and not throw stuff, gotta stay focused on today, no fixing.

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