Day: May 16, 2014

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    It was probably fortuitous that it took me so long to get out the door yesterday, because I never did. Hit a solid wall around noon and had to go to bed for a couple of hours. In the old days that would have signaled full on flare up coming on, which Scott and I are so surprised I haven't felt before now during the entire vacation. So I expected the rest of my weekend to be a flop, but ~bing~ was back up later in the afternoon making chili and doing the dishes, maybe not with spunk, but doing it at all was a real surprise. Usually with flare up I lose my appetite and stop eating and just sit staring like my brain is shut off, but I'm eating fine and obviously moving around and engaging on social media, so maybe I haven't plunged into a speckled ANA like a little over a year ago. The titer was only 1:80 then, which doctors generally don't blink at unless you have other symptoms with it (who gets blood tests for titer scores without symptoms???), but since I NEVER have a pattern or titer when I don't feel that sick (and reach near immobility with low grade fever and pain spikes and stop eating for days), I feel pretty rough by the time it's barely showing up. I hit 1:16 in 2011, but apart from that, I haven't hit a high score like 1:32 since my 20's when I went into a 9-month low grade fever and lost 75 pounds. I've been very lucky, and it responds quickly to meds nowadays. It's possible that just taking one meloxicam once a day was enough to hold it down yesterday. Everyone who knows me expected me to come home and croak off on the couch for a week just from the long car trip. I even had to stop being in the car longer than an hour at a time over the last few years, so my health has radically improved.

    I know from experience I'm not particularly out of the woods, so I probably need to take the rest of the weekend completely off and make sure I'm ok. Sometimes I go into workaholic mode and don't realize I'm plunging till I pull up out of work mode hours later and wobble around dropping things and continually forgetting what I'm doing. That's kind of what started happening yesterday, NOT a good time to drive. I've had some very dangerous near misses driving like that, plus I wind up getting lost in stores because my brain crashes, and by the time I get home I don't even know what day it is.

    So to anyone who checks here, this is why I'm turning off the tech this weekend. I used to never share this kind of stuff with public because I really hate the negativity I feel when I talk about being sick, but I'm on that train now and not getting off. Public all the way.

    You guys can't see all the typos that it took me nearly 30 minutes to fix. Definitely glitchy.

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