Day: June 24, 2014

  • you made it right

    The rabbit story is done. 893 hard words. I would love to turn that part into a gruesome parody children's book. That part explains why I'm attracted to stuff like this. If you like it, too, click the pic to see more fun stuff.


    I'm writing from several perspectives while I'm developing a new literary form, so no, my submission won't meet the deadline. I'm ok with that. This has been a weirdly wonderful month. May/June has been horrible for me for many years, but as I'm finally making peace with the last of my demons, I've started having some really cool dreams with my mother in them. You have to understand that I have NEVER had nice dreams of my mom, all my life. But as I've come to understand her perspective raising an extremely difficult child (yours truly), I feel like she's been able to come visit me in my dreams, and to be able to joyfully laugh and talk with her after our lifetime of pain together has been emotionally and spiritually releasing like nothing I've ever been through.

    My psychologist turned me loose months ago. He knows I'm on the right track. My anxiety disorder is melting away, I'm sleeping normally for the first time in decades (in my whole life, actually), and for the first time since I can remember, May/June feels like a happy place. I chose the deadline purposely- June 26th, my mom's birthday. Several people in my family have asked me to make her memorial video public again, that my brother and sisters put together.

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