Day: June 23, 2014

  • standing in the smoke

    I wanna know how a person puts on 2 pounds over the weekend eating roast.  photo sigh.gif Maybe I'm packing on muscle. Scott better watch out.

    This weekend was fun. Someone is finally growing substantial hair, lol.


    Now I'm in weekend hangover and Monday looms like a wave about to crash over me. I have a whole pinterest board devoted to braincations. I pick one and space out quietly for about a minute, almost like having a brain wave power nap.


    I worry sometimes that continual collection of content will turn our planet into a pile of servers (remember when hippies used to fret the planet would turn into one giant cemetery?), but by then our bodies will be in weird stasis while we're plugged into a sim world while robotics run server maintenance. The Big Crash will be spectacular, and then aliens in the distant future will discover our world and study it for awhile, but give up after going through stacks of servers repeating mundane convos over and over ad nauseam. Our giggles and grrrs will be lost to the long, dark night.


    In the meantime, I've decided I need to turn the kitchen table so I can incorporate my own little stacks into a more comfortable workaround. I was going to move operations into the livingroom a few days ago because the coffee table in front of the giant TV is awesome, but suddenly spasming like a pretzel in my left hip joint killed that idea, dang it.  photo 12bleh.gif I can't proofread properly tanked up on xanax and a pain pill, and if we recall, mild vertigo. I'm not surprised, I knew announcing a deadline would be catastrophic, but I live for wild spontaneity and I'm not really worried about it. The pressure's on, I'm dealing with it. These are all the notes that got captured while I was driving or sleeping or in the shower, etc., over the last two years. As you might notice, I have actually them indexed. I've been sifting them into the piles of stuff I already have online. I feel like I'm creating a cognitive zip file, lol. Yeah ok, I'll stop scaring the straights, a lot of that is other book stuffs too, not all for this one.  photo 17happyrock.gif


    Diagnostics and systems checks all say GO, so time to GET TO WORK. Was doing a review this weekend of how far I've come, and how close I am now. Almost there...

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