Day: February 12, 2014

  • zombies in SDC

    I staggered out of an extra hard sleep from a nightmare of zombies taking over Silver Dollar City. Last thing I remember was people talking about Sheriff Carl Grimes. My stunned ragged brain barely has enough coffee to function and already I'm having visions of what to do next with this. In the meantime, inhale this awesome red velvet funnel cake. That clicks to the SDC twitter feed.


    So that obviously is a direction I'm going today while it's still fresh in my mind. I've also gotta do a couple cleaning chores around here and get all over putting a chicken into a pot.

    I guess I've had a bug this week. I thought it was a depression thing, but after yesterday's uselessness of barely being able to get around and function and six straight hours of TV (super rare for me, especially during daytime), Scott said he felt like that the day before. I often misinterpret being sick for other stuff. I think way back around 2007 I made a checklist of symptoms and at the bottom wrote "If ALL these things are happening together, stay focused on needing a doctor appointment." Five of the ten things look like depression symptoms increasing. Took several years for me to figure out those were consistently the first signs of me being sick with a real germ. It's difficult to tell when you're a spoonie and you're so used to feeling rough anyway. So I'm a little boingier today, yay. I don't go down with bugs near as long nowadays as I used to, which is awesome, means my immune system is getting itself figured out.

    I know I've done this one before, but it's on my mind. I'm in a fun mood.

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