Day: February 1, 2014

  • initiating a positive consequences panic attack for purposes of finding lost paperwork

    Time to call in the big dogs and freak my brain cells out a little. I have disastrously misplaced a few things over the holidays and now I need major incentive to dig out my house (I pretend I'm excavating like an archaeologist, lol) and find some very important papers. Because I suckingly tossed them aside while I was making cookies/cupcakes/pie one day (or something) and now I need them. In the old days I used to trick myself into sticking through a dreaded cleaning project, but lately I think it's funnier to just imagine Tony Solo walking through my house mocking everything he sees. That's actually been working pretty well.

    We're starting to get our vacation scheduled out. Hope to spend the first weekend in May in Dallas and meet a few people and definitely hang out with Holly, then from there head down to Houston to see my zurrito. I've got several goals I want to have reached before we leave, so I've also got lists and schedules going on the side. Paperwork has to be all done. I want this coming summer after we get back to be free and clear to start cranking out the other books I've got waiting in the queue. After all the interruptions and distractions and u-turns and wildly veering off courses we went through over the last 18 months, that seems like a tall order, but I'm going to try. Just got totally distracted looking for an animated careening spaceship gif to put here and wound up with this, click it to see more way cool stuff.


    But in the meantime I've got a pretty big weekend shaping up already with late night movie tonight, Super Groundhog day tomorrow plus a radio show I like to live tweet. Need to get the slab of ribs out of the freezer for Superbowl snackin' and get on top of laundry and grocery lists before the next winter storm rolls over us (two, actually, only 3 or 4 days apart) AND I've got a couple of Valentine projects I'm hoping to get done in a timely manner. This little guy clicks to my skimpy Valentine pinterest board, lol.


    I really need to get busy now, time to WORK.

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