Day: February 4, 2014

  • moving in stereo

    I'm being a bad robot skipping my daily planning strategies.  That's a good way to get scattered. I did remember to check my fasting glucose this morning, got 91, yay! Supposed to be doing that once a week. Missed getting a birthday card out to a niece BOOOOOOO! 

    Right now is heavy snow showers and bitterly cold again from winter storm Nika. Catching up laundry and constructing a yummy pot pie. Haven't made any plans beyond that and it's already noon, but I've been very aspie super focused on slinging a couple of Lexx posts this week, and have plans for a Valentine pie post for yablo and hopefully a Valentine survey for bluejacky. I also put a Valentine post on my shop blog. Can you tell Valentine's Day is my second fave holiday? heartsmiley123

    This was my twittascope today. These things amuse me to no end. I'm all alone for hours and hours in the quiet snowy woods, the only noise right now is a woodpecker on the house, I just had hot chocolate, and my brain is scattering in all directions now. I'm so spaced I'm not sure I could have an emotion for awhile. I love days like this.


    I was listening to this earlier.

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