Day: February 13, 2014

  • Valentine Fail

    Was I right about the bug? Sore throat slammed me through the night and this morning it looks like burger in there. 

    About ready to get past Valentine's Day. My fasting glucose was back up to 100 this morning. Anxious for that equinox to hurry up and roll around so these winter stuff-my-face-like-a-bear hormones will lighten up. This clicks to more cute polar bear stuff. 


    Getting a list together for tomorrow. Need a new battery for my glucose meter- CR2032. Button batteries are so cute.  I changed a lot of watch batteries during the retail years. Scott's out of his coffee, will hafta trek across town for that. We may be getting burrito for a pajama party for Valentines. And of course, we're doing taxes tomorrow. Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without something like that. Every single year Valentine's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday have some kind of huge appointment, without fail. I'm so used to it now that it would be weird without it, because I suck at romance. One of the most popular aspie posts I ever wrote is aspie lovin, was getting hit every single day before the Xanga migration. I get a kick out searching 'Valentine fail'. You get stuff like this, and yes, it clicks to the page.


    And if you haven't figured out by now that I like to skew the whole romance thing like a mobius pretzel, you need to see my Valentine Curry Toon. Imagine what *doesn't* make it out of my head into the light...

    PLAN today- take apart the rest of the whole chicken from yesterday and make stir fry, get the dishes done *again*, and today I'm washing rugs and doing floors because yesterday, in the middle of the sudden veering into all that tutorial study, I very abruptly went on a rampage and tore bathrooms apart cleaning them.

    I think this was the coolest thing that came out of yesterday. You get more info when you click that out to a new window. heartsmiley1234

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