Day: February 11, 2014

  • opinions of other people’s opinions of other people’s opinions

    It's fun looking back through my old private blog sometimes. This is from three years ago today.

    Dad called all excited last night, John had seen something about UFOs on Glenn Beck, asked if I’d seen the ufo videos over the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem…  Poor Dad. I told him my personal opinion (which I hardly take seriously, given how far out of the loop I am in the world) is that the whole world order thing is a guise for constructing a world military that we’ll be in control of before the aliens announce themselves and take over. I really don’t know whether to giggle saying that or feel bad that I’m putting more ideas into Dad’s head.

    My psychologist urges me every little bit to call my dad.  My childhood would have been more fun with the parent who did THIS.


    I guess we can see where my interest in scifi shows full of spaceships comes from. I was hardcore Lost in Space before it was cool.


    Another exerpt, got kinda wordy that day.

    Got a book from the library written by Clarissa (the blond) of the Two Fat Ladies called The Greener Life.  She is around 64 now.  It’s a really good book, if the economy really does fail and we have to once again become self reliant and make all our own stuff and live off wild herbs and gardens and whatnot.  But so many personal comments irritated me, like people are healthier if they turn down the heat and wear wool.  Or if they only eat fresh and what’s in season.  Or if they eat only organic and avoid the ‘filthy’ supermarkets.  And on and on.  And I’m looking back over my own childhood and thinking- hmmm.  I grew up on home grown organics and puked my guts out regularly.  I grew up in a chilly house with extra clothes on and endured spectacularly high fevers and painfully raw sore throats and earaches.  I grew up blistering my phalanges working in the garden, pulling weeds and picking, snapping endless sacks of beans for canning, pitting endless buckets of cherries for canning, shucking hundreds of ears of corn for freezing, plucking hundreds of chickens through my life…  I LOVE supermarkets and Walmarts, they do all the work FOR you.  And the food isn’t that bad, some of it is actually in so much better condition than when we grew it ourselves, even if it says organic, because yes, grocery stores sell stringently regulated organic food now.  I just don’t have the same memories of life being ~better~ when everyone worked themselves to death for not much of anything and everyone being sick and stupid because we were too busy sustaining ourselves to really learn the science behind living well.  And my mom died of diabetes and my dad gets gout all the time and you never could tell them any different.

    That would be a great book to have around if the world falls apart and the skies fall, or if a person really wants to make a hobby out of the pre-tech lifestyle, but it’s otherwise as full of crap as any I’ve seen.  I think a person can be anti-govt without propelling backward into the stone age.  And more irritating was that she has actually traveled extensively and is getting rich touting these beliefs, not to mention at least 150-200 pounds heavier than me.  She may have the cholesterol and blood pressure of a toddler (as she is so fond of saying) eating all the butter and grease she wants (just like my dad), but fails to mention whether her blood sugar is beserk or any other medical problems.  Well, except that she does confess she was an alcoholic for 12 years (during her home brewing days) and got scurvy as a result (which she cured with wild herbs that are full of vitamin C), but dang, WHO gets scurvy in this day and age?!?!?!?  If anything, I’d call that a strike against propelling backward.

    So, as you can imagine, I find it really hard to take her opinions in the book seriously.  Just give me the practical info and leave out the personal opinions.  I already have my dad telling me what cures what, but he believes diabetes is contagious and that he’s immune…

    I clearly broke free of my upbringing and have strong opinions about other people having opionions about it. I wonder how many other children in this world were raised by a Mennonite with a UFO obsession.

    Ok, need a Plan. This needs to be one of those sweep out the corners days where I piddle through a mile long list of little chores that only take a few minutes but they are simultaneously so dull while still requiring my full attention that they wear me out. But I will try. If I had a secretary, this would be the work assigned to the peon gofer I hired for him/her to boss around. Let's see what I can get done today. My list includes creating a categories menu for the bluejacky and yablo blogs, finishing a navigation project on blogger, two forms I have to fill out and mail, dumping around 700 pics off my phone into the correct places, and THAT means catching up my pinterest. I love the way pinterest organizes images, but I'm already finding so many flaws and holes in it that I know I'll eventually overwhelm myself if I don't build some kind of extension onto that library system as well, because I really don't have the time to sit and stare at my screen while I look for one particular item in a jumble of a hundred other items.

    In the meantime, I'm losing myself in fractal videos to handle my pain levels going up in this lengthy bitterly nasty cold spell (this clicks to a vid)


    and while I appreciate and exult someone setting fractals to creepy Gary Numan music, can I *please* get someone to do something uber cool with THIS song? Thanks.

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