Day: August 22, 2014

  • my Timelord name

    So I'm immersed in yet another annual Doctor Who week long marathon, and I'm wondering what my Timelord name would be. The Timelord name generators I've found are so unimaginative I'm not even bothering. So if I were to choose for myself, one descriptive word to represent me as a title, I'm thinking, I would be the Klutz. I accidentally smashed our coffee carafe to bits the other day, and that was only one of many things I dropped, fumbled, spilled, and sorta threw in weird trajectories at nothing in particular because my grip suddenly lets go as I'm moving. The most public fail was tossing a bulk yogurt onto the floor and a yogurt bursting forth all over the cart wheel, and I was standing right by the check out conveyor. I went ahead and paid for it. I even ate the one that popped a little after I got home, was still good inside.


    Told Scott this weird pressure I've been feeling the last couple of years to get my stuff done asap while I have time is starting to take form in my head. Yesterday I suddenly saw myself without my right hand, as if it had to be removed for some unforeseen reason, and that got me to thinking- all these years that I've been getting through and recovering from nervous system fail it never occurred to me that my next loss would be something other than my brain again. Other people have lost limbs to accidents, illness, infection- I use my hands so hard, every single day. Thousands of words, rotating stacked projects, keeping up with real life, through pain and numbness and literal fail while things drop and smash around me. It was an interesting direction for my thoughts to go- What if I literally can no longer type somewhere in the future? Yes, I've got to keep getting as much done as possible while I still can. Of course, if I were a Timelord I would just grow another hand.


    Barring that actually happening, my friends on twitter would be happy to know my own family would encourage me to use Nelson in it's place...


    So I drank Folgers singles coffee for a couple of days, not bad if you are patient and let it steep a bit, and got a lot of work done.

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