Day: August 7, 2014

  • never underestimate the power of otter pops

    Been getting my days mixed up all week. Kept thinking two days ago it was Thursday, yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, today I woke up thinking Wednesday, but now it's actually finally really Thursday.


    People can't see my media options while I'm working on them, all I can say is the setup is way better and more efficient than wordpress, even though it's wordpress servers that xanga is now on, if I'm understanding correctly. Blogger media options are dismally set up. That's my only real complaint with blogger though.

    I have figured out I'm split between several alt universes with my multitasking blitzing in even more directions, so no wonder I feel a little fuzzy about what day it is. And still getting stuff done. Lots of stuff. A year ago I couldn't juggle all this stuff because the pain spikes were still pretty insane, two years ago I could still barely construct paragraphs because the headaches and brain fog were still so bad, three years ago this didn't even look possible. Four years ago I was surprised I hadn't died yet.


    I guess I'm still surprised. Almost every day I think "I'm still here."  photo monkey05.gif Holy cow, these. are. awesome.


    I have never in my life been able to keep nails. I say this very seriously, not tritely. If I could keep nails I'd be doing something like this continuously. Pulling my brain back from distraction now. Imagine me imagining I'm hauling it back by a lengthy brain coil I barely caught before it all slipped away.


    Yeah, taking the scenic route back into my skull. Check out these cool cameos.


    Working in between thunderstorms, playing alt universes spread out around me like a keyboard.

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