Month: January 2018

  • 2018 - What are we doing today, Zuul?


    I know I get a little mixed up here and there, but this account appears to be paid up through April 2019. Maybe I should come over here and play once in awhile.

    Oh, this editor is horrible. I seem to be braining better of late, maybe I'll get over here and figure it out through the year.

    I'm actually getting a list of all my xanga accounts that I need to catch up payment on, or reactivate. Not sure what's going to be happen, but something stirred in the xanga force and I need to stay on top of my content. Remember how bombed 2013 got for me? And then 2014 was like recovery, regroup, rehub all over again.

    Kinda on my own here, as far as I can tell. Several people have urged me to start up my own dotcom from total scratch and just move all my stuff over, and while I'm not exactly lazy, I am financially deficient and time challenged enough to make that seem like cleaning up after an area-wide tornado all by myself. It would literally take months of concentrated effort.

    Anyway, I was doing something else and got distracted, but this blog is still active, I may come here and play once in awhile, and who knows what will happen after that.

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This is my personal daily blog. I used to make these private. We'll see what happens.

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