Day: August 5, 2014

  • weirdly awesome

    21 years with this guy. No matter how chaotic it gets, he still surprises me. The inside of the card says "Till I croak" and underneath he wrote "This card says it all." Yes. Yes it does.


    We have this frog thing. Well, mostly him. He gets upset when I let the chickens eat the little tree frogs that hop around the grass. If Scott sees them he gently scoops them up and carries them lovingly to a tree. The very first card I ever got from him has frogs on it. With big lips. Frogs. I still have it somewhere.

    Burrito has gained her feet and started zooming around. I gave her that little purse, so now she zooms around with luggage. We're thinking she needs some cute little bandaids in that purse.


    After spending way too much on feeding other people this summer I finally did some running around for us. This is a thing I want to try. That's right, purple rice.


    I also stocked up on some basics because I'm still working on my repurposing eggs and loading the freezer blitz, plus I'm going to get my stuffing made ahead and frozen back. I've already got stock made up, got my cornbread drying, picked up my chicken livers yesterday. Me and three different HyVee guys looked all over creation yesterday, frozen, fresh, and meat counter, and someone had wiped out ALL the chicken and turkey livers (probably for catfishing, ok spellcheck, catfish fishing), so I had to stop off at Price Cutter on the way home and get some. My stuffing gets a paté treatment which lends a lot of savory flavor that no one can pinpoint. It's just really handy to have that made up and frozen back in big ziplock bags because by the time holidays get here, I'm already hitting walls doing five things at once.

    Last summer I got totally hung up on a Doritos commercial. Looks like this summer it's Trolli gummy worms.

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