Day: August 6, 2014

  • Can someone please make a gif of the Lexx blowing up the Death Star, thank you

    I blew so far off track yesterday, but this happened.

    Now watch, pulling the lengthy private discussions into the new public forum will be like pulling teeth, lol. The core Lexx fandom has a long rough history, and there are a number of them who still won't step out into the light because they've been so stomped on in public forums. Can I change this? Can I make Lexx a thing? You know, like Nerdist made being American Who nerds a thing. Like Wheaton made w00tstock  a thing. Yes, nerdy fans are a thing, but Lexx has a thriving underground the world rarely sees, and it needs to be A THING.

    Today's thing needs to get back on track. Yesterday was my 21st anniversary. Scott and I missed celebrating the mile marker 20th last year because of round the clock early burrito on a glow worm in our house. We were exhausted and very, very distracted, but in a good way.


    This last year has been the busiest year we've had since burrito's mama was in high school doing varsity volleyball and basketball and still managing to stay in the A+ program. This last weekend was my first weekend completely off from everything in over a year, maybe over a year and a half. THAT is what I asked for as an anniversary present, knowing that I could spend an entire Saturday doing whatever I wanted without any kind of plan change. It was so refreshing that I've been on a brain buzz ever since, and I feel like I can move mountains. Well, you know, over time. A long time. Ok, I'm looking through search and wondering if no one's EVER done a crossover of Lexx blowing up the Death Star. This needs to be rectified. Somebody get on that. In the meantime, here you go, the second best thing.

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