January 6, 2014

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    Yes, I paid to have a completely empty blog migrated. No, I'm not crazy. I knew sooner or later I'd need to get in here and really dig around without anything in the way, and thankfully this is here because I can see that I didn't screw my other blogs jumping in and punching buttons when they were barely migrated. The rebuild is going painfully slow. I *think* the Xanga team is still in phase 2 of 4, and we still don't have internal blog stats yet. It took about 7 or 8 weeks for my navigation to show back up on my other blogs. I may never get the kind of code capability back that I used to have, which is prompting deep thought into moving my stuff over to blogger since I can still pop scripts in left and right there. I ~really~ miss my headers, they did as much to make my blogs pop like glossy magazines as anything, and several people have already bewailed my missing mouse codes. It's been 5 months and I'm not sure that my audience will ever seen anything better than what I've got now, especially mobile viewing being completely obliterated. I used to have some pretty savvy blogs. I feel like I have a cannonball sized hole in me where all the joy from playing on my blogs has disappeared.

    So. Start over and own it differently. A few people are urging me to get my own dotcom going. I've got several blog promoters keeping an eye on my yablo blog already and I've barely got anything over there. My publisher is going crazy wondering when I'm going to turn something in. Despite my crazy round the clock tweeting I've got more than a dozen solid tweeps who steadfastly keep me on mobile alert and jump to links any time I post them. I daresay that's conservative. One day I caught 40 responses to a new link I tweeted within a couple of minutes. I don't know if Xander Bennett thinks I'm a sellout for some reason but he finally unfollowed me. I have no idea why he followed me in the first place when I was still barely out of my egg, but it was comforting knowing that him and a couple of other 'big' people really had followed me for no reason I could fathom at the time. And I'm still only guessing.

    I need a secretary. Or an office management assistant, whatever they are called nowadays. Last year I was juggling projects in a very different way than I am now. My brain is way less glitchy that it's been the last few winters, actually started in '04. Yep, that's right, all the cool stuff I ever built online was done with my brain half fried out. Imagine what I could do if it didn't glitch at all. Mighta actually never built anything because I never would have been stuck awake glitching all night for years, right? But I'm realizing this year that I'm growing my little empire so big that I need a few clones around. Even if I didn't have my challenges and a burrito I'd need the extra time. The stuff in my head is huge. If I can ever really pull all this off I'm going to float forever.

    My original Plan and it's original timetable went off the rails, obviously. I went ahead and did a year end content/response assessment because to my surprise and against some odds that I assumed would cripple my efforts, my readership is looking like popcorn popping and I've actually been able to fine tune my content and actually trigger real time response, even with all the migration fails I feel lost in. Now that holidays are over I need to regroup and reschedule my projections. Original projections had me published by now, but my goals have expanded and I'm seeing a bigger launch platform in future.

    I'd rather not go on about personal stuff since I'm making everything public now, but it's pretty public that we got new burritos last summer and I'm a little worn out. I see parents dealing with obstacles from kid challenges and stuff, teens, etc, and all I can say is just wait till they start popping their own little gremlins, wheeeee! Despite how crazy and challenging this last year has been, I am so surprised how much more emotional and physical strength I've developed handling it, and I wouldn't trade it. I have already far outpaced some of my projections for where I wanted to be in my personal and public life, despite not yet accomplishing the main goal. There was a time in my life where I couldn't even see being alive at this age, and a few years there were pretty dark.

    One thing I miss because of the migration interruption is my daily plan blogging. Even on my worst days I was in a good habit of writing at least a sentence or two in a private blog about the day's plan- what was for supper, chores I needed to get done, something that had happened in the family, usually something silly. I haven't done a daily private blog post since Sept. 1st 2013, after writing nearly every single day for 9 years. Maybe this blog will turn into that. And no, the posts won't all be long and boring like this. And yes, there might be gossip. And pictures. But it won't be a big deal like my yablo blog that automatically posts links all over creation.

    We'll see what happens.

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